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 Newman Farms is a family-owned cattle operation in Central Texas, specializing in Texas Longhorn cattle. Bred for both show and beef, we take pride in our natural approach to raising quality, gentle, and manageable animals with a focus on what makes longhorn cattle unique: their horns, adaptability, and gentle nature. We are also dedicated to preserving this magnificent breed of cattle that helped to shape Texas in it's early years and make it what it is today - the top cattle producing state in the nation. We strive to pass this dedication on to future generations, so that there will always be Texas Longhorns.




Sold - Thanks, Cody!

Grandson of Phenomenon, Son of Rock Star

While we have said farewell to Phenomena and wish him well at his new home, he left his many progeny with us. Don't miss out on this chance to get Phenomena genetics into your herd. Visit our Sale Ring for more info.


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